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The Arc Tour featuring Tritonal and Super8 & Tab: My review of the night

When tickets went on sale for The Arc Tour, I freaked out because not only were they $15 a pop, I have never seen Tritonal or Super8 & Tab live before.  I listen to both Air Up There and Supertab radio weekly.  Both sets of djs throw down impressive shows and I was ecstatic to finally get the chance to see them live.  Super8 & Tab opened the show and played their tracks so beautifully, I punched every Snooki-lookalike in the face just to get to the front row.  There were even a few throwback, nostalgia-filled moments when they dropped some classic Above & Beyond tracks, like “Can’t Sleep” and “Home”.  As I sang along with Super8 & Tab literally 10 feet in front of me, I realized that they understood trance in the same way that I feel like I understand trance.  The crowd was smaller because the night was just beginning, but I felt that Super8 & Tab really connected with this audience and it felt the way a trance show is supposed to feel.  Even with all these stupid random strangers that I don’t even have to meet to know I already hate them, I could feel the connection to the crowd.  Super8 & Tab’s set and presence made me feel more like I was in a small community, than just a crowd, and it was a great and overwhelming feeling.  Their set was very true to the roots of trance and I honestly feel like they completely stole the show from Tritonal.

From friends that have seen Tritonal live before, I have heard they sucked because rather than playing the trance they’re known for, they opt for more progressive sets when catering to the “new age” night club scene.  My friends were right.  For the first hour or so, Tritonal KILLED it, I mean really, really KILLED it.  All of my drunk friends just wanted a cigarette to go in hand with their next drink, but with each banger Tritonal dropped, my friends simply said “Ok, we’ll go smoke after this song”.  This happened repeatedly until the nicotine fix wasn’t drawing them to the smoking patio, but Tritonal was drawing them onto the stage. I was confused as to why my friends said Tritonal sucked, I was having a blast! Then it happened…… Out of nowhere Tritonal dropped Sebastien Ingrosso’s and Alesso’s big room banger “Calling” and I was suddenly a bit confused, a bit mortified, and even a bit turned on.  “Calling” is one of my favorite tracks and I will never hesitate to go apeshit when the track is dropped on an already enthused crowd.  However, what in the HELL, was Tritonal doing dropping that track?  From then on, the rest of their set was progressive and obviously I was pissed.  I feel very jaded about the new “trouse” trend, and with Tritonal being such talented producers I didn’t understand what the fuck was going on.  As I stood on the second floor balcony of the nightclub and watched all the drunken morons spilling drinks and animalistically grinding on each other on the floor below me, I knew that true trance would never be a big nightclub thing, and I smiled.


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