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Relentless Beats gives me a ticket to La La Land, excitement ensues

According to La La Land’s event page, 960 people are supposedly coming to party at Phoenix Convention Center.  Although I was already planning on going, Relentless Beats has decided I am worthy of a free ticket via some random Facebook post contest.  I couldn’t be more ecstatic if I tried.  Datsik, Cosmic Gate, Mat Zo, Michael Woods, DJ Bl3nd and Noisecontrollers all playing at one event? In Arizona? As much as I despise major promoters and event planning companies for their majorly douchey events they host here in Arizona, I can’t help but be thankful for the fact that if it wasn’t for the rise of EDM, I wouldn’t be able to see these djs at all.  Production companies such as Relentless Beats, OneVibe Events, and Steve Levine Entertainment rule the Arizona electronic music scene.  Sometimes I am less than satisfied with the people that choose to go to these events who I am forced to share my personal bubble with, but for $40, look who you could see at one event! I am flabbergasted by the lineup and the cost because of the fact that I have been used to seeing good lineups ONLY in other major cities.  Phoenix is blowing up and is a new hotspot for fresh talent.  I think I am most excited to see DJ Bl3nd and Mat Zo.  I’m over Datsik because of the fact that pretty much all dubstep sounds the same to me and the common misconception in America that dubstep is in fact the name of a DJ.  I am very much looking forward to this event and can’t wait to write some more artist reviews. Again, thanks so much Relentless Beats.


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