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EDC 2013: Should I stay or should I go?

EDC Vegas 2013 is coming up soon (approximately 7.5 months) and my Facebook newsfeed is on overload with the EDC trailers and emotional posts.  As an avid advocate of music festivals, I realize EDC’s impact on this country as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, dance festival in North America.  I will even go on to say that EDC Vegas’s impact on the music scene is almost iconic.  However, is the $600 (ticket, hotel room, drugs, gas) really going to be worth it in 2013? Last year at this time I told myself that EDC Los Angeles had my heart and I would never venture out to Vegas to see what is possibly the ugliest view to ever look at in the daytime. But I did. And you know what, I fucking LOVED EDC Vegas 2012.  However, it had many shortcomings which I’m not sure I can overlook and that I know will only be a bigger problem next year.  I was surrounded by overdosing morons puking into any available trash cans and frat bros flaunting their 12-packs asking me where Avicii was playing at. This is America and this is America’s “new” dance scene.  If you don’t think I was that jaded before, I think its pretty obvious I am now.  The lineup is going to be the same as it was last year.  Maybe a guest appearance by Skrillex or Deadmau5 if Insomniac decides they are appropriate representations of what EDM is (they don’t know shit).  Last year was so packed, it literally took my car 2 hours to leave the parking lot and get back to the hotel.  I guess I can thank the MENSA-qualified security guards and police officers for the way they strategically maneuvered the parking exits (they only had one open because that was the best way to get 100,000 people out of a music festival efficiently).  THAT is my biggest complaint.  I’m wondering if its time to turn over a new leaf and make an appearance at ULTRA or Electric Zoo or Electric Forest.  EDC was great last year, but I guarantee there will be absolutely nothing different about this years.  Unless Daft Punk headlines EDC 2013, I am thinking I will be out and will end up somewhere less packed and less douchey.


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