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Rant: Why the Arizona rave scene should cease to exist

2006In 2006, the AZ rave scene was pretty poppin, and I have the evidence to prove it (see picture on right of me in the front row, yes that is me at 16).  Fast forward 6 years and the rave scene sucks more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  The scene went from being underground and personal, to basically a corporate money-making machine.  Thanks to complete morons such as Relentless Beats, Insomniac Events, and Steve Levine Entertainment, the rave scene is nothing more than a bunch of college douchebags and a bunch of middle school/ high school druggies looking for a place to not only party, but partake in highly embarrassing behavior including asking everyone within 5 foot distance if they would like a back massage or letting fellow partygoers know how hard they are rolling.  Thank you so much AZ production companies for really looking out for the best interest of the rave scene here.  Over the past year, I haven’t attended an event that has gone on PAST midnight.  This is complete bullshit, and for that, somebody needs to immediately destroy the offices that belong to said production companies.  Back in the day, when raves were still illegal, most of them weren’t even starting til 11 and ending until 5 or 6, sometimes even 7 in the morning.  Now that the production companies have taken “raves” into their own hands, raves end at midnight sharp so that the event is legally an all-ages event.  Obviously the promoters don’t give a fuck about the absurd amount of rolling 12 years grinding on each other in nothing but underwear, but rather how much money they make and how many people they are able to rake into their event.

Recently on the popular social media site, Facebook, I saw a rather well-known promoter posting pictures of himself flyering what looked like the ASU campus.  No offense idiot, but if you don’t know what raves are, you have no right promoting it to the idiots that destroyed our scene.  When I first started going to raves, it was all about the underground, and the vibes; it was about leaving your identity at home and partying til the wee hours of the morning with people that only knew your raver alter-ego and would probably never see you while the sun was actually out.  Many of these idiot promoters have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the rave scene has grown rapidly so they can rake in the dough.  Everywhere you go there are flyers, whether you are at a smoke shop, tattoo shop, or even college campus.  The promoters do not legitimately give a fuck about who comes to these events, they just want it to be big.  Gone are the days of vibes and “PLUR” and whatever other raver bullshit I used to tell myself when I was in high school.  Now its just a big money making scam where the promoters truly don’t give a shit about what a rave is.  A rave ends at whatever time the djs decide they want to go home, and should consist of people that know people that know people that know people, not just end at a certain time because of contract or consist of everyone and their mama because the promoters are trying to attract a big crowd.

azravesceneIts obvious no one gives a fuck about who comes to raves or about what vibes are present, just as long as the promoters are making money they are happy.  They know nothing about the culture, and are using the new EDM trend to profit.  For me personally, my culture has been taken away from me and I am forced to hang out with possibly the whole meth-using population of Arizona.  The promoters here are bringing out really good talent, and for that I commend them.  But seriously, if you know nothing about how raves used to be, stay the fuck away from promoting; if you’re money-hungry I heard drug-dealing and stripping are pretty profitable professions, but for the love of God, STAY AWAY FROM THE RAVE SCENE.


EDC 2013: Should I stay or should I go?

EDC Vegas 2013 is coming up soon (approximately 7.5 months) and my Facebook newsfeed is on overload with the EDC trailers and emotional posts.  As an avid advocate of music festivals, I realize EDC’s impact on this country as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, dance festival in North America.  I will even go on to say that EDC Vegas’s impact on the music scene is almost iconic.  However, is the $600 (ticket, hotel room, drugs, gas) really going to be worth it in 2013? Last year at this time I told myself that EDC Los Angeles had my heart and I would never venture out to Vegas to see what is possibly the ugliest view to ever look at in the daytime. But I did. And you know what, I fucking LOVED EDC Vegas 2012.  However, it had many shortcomings which I’m not sure I can overlook and that I know will only be a bigger problem next year.  I was surrounded by overdosing morons puking into any available trash cans and frat bros flaunting their 12-packs asking me where Avicii was playing at. This is America and this is America’s “new” dance scene.  If you don’t think I was that jaded before, I think its pretty obvious I am now.  The lineup is going to be the same as it was last year.  Maybe a guest appearance by Skrillex or Deadmau5 if Insomniac decides they are appropriate representations of what EDM is (they don’t know shit).  Last year was so packed, it literally took my car 2 hours to leave the parking lot and get back to the hotel.  I guess I can thank the MENSA-qualified security guards and police officers for the way they strategically maneuvered the parking exits (they only had one open because that was the best way to get 100,000 people out of a music festival efficiently).  THAT is my biggest complaint.  I’m wondering if its time to turn over a new leaf and make an appearance at ULTRA or Electric Zoo or Electric Forest.  EDC was great last year, but I guarantee there will be absolutely nothing different about this years.  Unless Daft Punk headlines EDC 2013, I am thinking I will be out and will end up somewhere less packed and less douchey.

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