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Artist Spotlight: EDX

My life consists of music; day, night, and even in my dreams. Sometimes its music I love, sometimes its music I hate, and sometimes its music that is so brilliantly put together that I feel the need to write an entire rave on it.  Recently, EDX has been flying under my radar, so I decided to check him out and see what all the fuss was about. In a simple word, holyfuckingshitballs.  Not like I’ve been living under a rock or anything, but where have I been while EDX has been out there being so incredibly awesome? I’m not sure, but my discovery of him has awoken feelings in me that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I decided to tune into his live set from Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas recorded on September 7th of this year.  I could NOT have been happier to hear some real fucking house for the first time in AGES.  Every time I venture out into the world of douchey nightclubs, I am usually disappointed by what I hear the djs playing.  Typically I hear electro house track after electro house track mixed with dubstep here and there.  EDX put on a show that I would have never expected.  His set was melodic and euphoric.  Unlike many other djs, not only does EDX produce progressive house, he actually plays it for the majority of his sets.  I’m sick and tired of hearing same club shit over and over again.  Yes I love those banging electro beats that make the crowd go wild, but damn, too many djs use ONLY electro beats and I feel like I haven’t heard a variety of house during a set in quite sometime.

In a nutshell, EDX SMASHED Marquee and really showed the world that he knows what the fuck is up, and he knows how the fuck to put together a set.  Besides for the fact that I couldn’t stop dancing to his set, it was absolutely beautiful.  There are too many djs that dabble between trouse/trance/progressive house and electro house/progressive house.  I feel like EDX finally figured out how to put the perfect combination of songs together while still keeping the audience happy and true house-heads not pissed off (me).  As I said previously, his set was mostly progressive house to keep the crowd moving, with bits of electro tucked in there to make the crowd go nuts every so often.  His set was exciting and unpredictable, which I rarely find when I go see djs.  I cannot stop raving about EDX and his mellow bass and fluid rhythm.  His set was almost dream-like it was so euphoric.  I’m an idiot for missing him every time he’s been at a festival I have attended.  Rest assured blogging world, when the opportunity arises that I have the chance to see him, you will know.


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