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Artist Review: Z-Trip


Out of all the times I have seen Z-Trip live, this is the first time I have seen him on his own instead of at an EDM event.  Seeing as I z-tripam a total EDM junkie, I was hoping for some EDM in his set but not really expecting it.  Good thing I didn’t set my expectations for that, because what I got was a lot better.  At the beginning of Z-Trip’s set he said, “Whoever said hip-hop was dead, fuck you”.  And that basically sums up his performance.  He killed it with everything he brought to the table and even for a moment I couldn’t stop dancing.  I can’t even elaborate on how much Z-Trip is the shit.  One of the only white guys out there that I have witnessed successfully scratching and doing vinyl the right way.  If you want a real dj, this is your man.  Z-Trip is as real as it gets and for the life of me, I would never miss one of his live performances.  Just the way he mixes, I would have to say he is one of the best DJs out there.  Although he doesn’t have that many original productions, he can make you faint with what he does on turntables.  Throwing out classic after classic, wild card after wild card, you just don’t know what to expect when he’s on the decks.  He interacts with the crowd and looks like he’s having an awesome time.  On top of that, you don’t have to worry about everyone in the crowd being a total douche, because for the most part those are not the type of people he attracts.  I have been following him for years and have not missed him a single time he has been in my hometown.  He truly knows so much about music and how to wow a crowd that I can’t resist when I know he’s going to be spinning somewhere near me.  Like I said, he is not really an EDM dj, but there were bits of moombahton and dubstep tucked in there.  He’s all hip hop, he’s all old school, he’s all original, and he’s all about not giving a fuck about whats popular in music and instead does what he wants to do, which results in a huge smile on my face.  Seeing as everyone and their mama, and their mama’s cousin, and their mama’s cousin’s cousin are djs now-a-days, it is a breath of fresh air seeing someone murdering vinyls and scratching instead of using CDJs and laptops.  Z-trip is always down for his audience and I was so happy to get to see him again.  If you are really into turntablism, Z-Trip is a must-see.


Artist Spotlight: Juventa

After hearing Juventa’s guest mix on Above & Beyond’s TATW 448, I was impressed by by this new dj taking the trance world by storm and decided to look into the guy.  I was SHOCKED at what I found out.  Juventa is just a kid! 17 years old and he’s already had releases from Armada, Anjunabeats, and Enhanced recordings.  I was immediately intrigued and decided I wanted to do an artist review on him and get to learn more about him.  At the ripe age of 21 (I’m referring to myself) 15-year old Jordin Post aka Juventa was releasing music onto major record labels as I slowly drank myself into comatose-like stages 6 nights a week.  At the age of 23 I’m a bit confused as to why this 17 year old is better than me and (possibly) always will be.  Even though I would consider him a man-child prodigy, I find it rare that anyone younger than me has both the talent and marketing abilities to get where he has managed to land today.  So what’s the big fuss about this 17 year old Dutch kid?  Well I decided to listen to some of his discography and was able to find some absolutely breathtaking tracks.  These are amongst my favorite tracks I peeped from him:

I must say I’m quite impressed with his grasp of trance and progressive and can appreciate everything he does for somebody that is so young.  Each of his tracks were beautiful, melodic, and complex.  The beats and sounds were perfect and I would never guess somebody who is still in HIGH SCHOOL  could have this type of musical talent as well as ties with the biggest names in trance, including ATB, Above & Beyond, and Tritonal.  Rock on Juventa, rock on.

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