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Artist Spotlight: Dash Berlin

dash-berlin-largeI’m not going to claim I’m the biggest Dash Berlin fan ever, in fact, I know very little about this man.  What I do know is that his music makes me feel a way that no other music had made me feel before.  Maybe it is the beautifully written lyrics or the euphoric vocalists he chooses to feature, but every time I listen to Dash Berlin I feel like his songs literally reach in and grab my heart.  Mushy gushy, I know.  But there is something about each of his songs that always seems to hit home with me.  Dash Berlin started producing in 2007; fast forward 5 years and he is voted the 7th most popular DJ in the world.  Obviously that says something about how insanely talented he is and how emotionally connected he makes his audience feel.  Personally I can listen to each of his songs on repeat all day and never get sick of them.  I feel like the messages he sends in his lyrics aren’t just the same bullshit lovey dovey stuff you can hear on the radio.  His lyrics are soooooooo much more heartfelt than I think any other producer’s that I’ve ever heard.  When it comes to meaningful songs in my life, I feel like everything  he touches ends up having a place in my heart.  I haven’t been lucky enough to see him live (yet), so there’s not much for me to say about his DJ sets, but as a producer he is just mint and definitely a very special one who I will always hold close to me.


Dash Berlin ft. Kate Walsh – When You Were Around

Does this video hit home for anyone? wow……

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