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KhoMha – Dusk Riddles


Artist Spotlight: Markus Schulz

MarkusI have been listening to Markus Schulz for about 5 years, and never once have I been even close to disappointment with what he does.  He is one of the few djs that makes my jaw drop and leaves me breathless with every track and every set he does.  Every time I listen to him, my passion for him as a dj and producer and my passion for trance grows immensely.  I truly believe Markus can do no wrong.  I even had the pleasure of meeting him for 2.34893 seconds and taking a picture with him.  Every week, I listen to his podcast “Global Dj Broadcast” and I can literally feel my heart melting inside of me as he busts out each melodic track.  He brings the best and most original in trance and is truly like nobody else I’ve ever listened to.  The way he evokes emotions through his music is quite incredible.  For someone who has been made famous by his epic 8-hour non-stop dj sets, he deserves to be voted as the number one dj in America (sorry Skrillex).  Listening to him talk about his sets gets me even more excited because I love hearing someone explain how passionate they are about music and how they manipulate it to make the experience for the audience an absolutely memorable one.  He talks about the build-ups, the breakdowns, and how he manages to keep hundreds of thousands of people engaged in his sets for 8 hours at a time.  He possesses talent that I feel like not many djs have today.  The ability to play an 8 hour set is one that I have only seen from the greatest in the world, and to me, he is one of them.  His knowledge of music and his skills as a dj wow me and leave me speechless.  I saw him at my least favorite nightclub in Scottsdale, and he just turned my night into magic.  He’s so passionate about djing that I feel like he will never sell out to the mainstream EDM culture.  He just keeps doing his thing and keeps busting out all these amazing tracks.  On top of that, I feel like each week his podcasts just get better and better; I get butterflies in my stomach from just listening to them.  I think what makes him a favorite for me amongst other djs is the fact that I feel a sense of dream-like euphoria when I listen to him and I get lost in his sets.  What I’m saying may come off as corny, but once you tune into an episode of his GDJB podcast, you will understand, trust me.  (Below: Markus Schulz and I would make a good looking couple, just sayin…)markus live


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