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ABGT ain’t no TATW

So, I guess the time has already passed that Above & Beyond has established themselves as progressive house djs and now their trance career is 6 feet under, yet I still feel the need to bitch about the fact that I HATE the new direction they have taken their careers in.  I tuned into ABGT #1, the set from Bangalore, and I think my reaction was a mixture of confusion and slight anger.  They sounded like Deadmau5 circa 2008 except even more boring.  They are amazing djs and I’m kind of confused about what the actual fuck I just listened to.  Besides for the fact that their set lacked in vocal tracks, I felt like every song they played was merely “transition music” and it was definitely one of the most bland sets I have had the “privilege” to listen to.  I didn’t hear many tracks that I would classify as trance, and considering I have dance moves better than Michael Jackson, I was surprised that nothing they played even gave me the slight urge to dance.  I get that they have renounced trance, seeing as they have changed the name of their podcast to “Group Therapy”. But…… what the fuck group are they attempting to give therapy to?

The past couple years that I have been attending events where Above & Beyond has been present, I have noticed a major change in the crowd they attract.  Even going through all my tumblr rave blogs, I notice that Above & Beyond is hot and they are drawing as much attention as major house acts.  From my experience, trance stages are usually the least crowded at music festivals when you put them against stages that contain electro, dubstep, moombahton, or basically anything that you would hear in a nightclub.  With Above & Beyond getting bigger and bigger, I noticed that they have been booked for more night club appearances.  If you didn’t know this before, you do now: music dynamic in nightclubs is WAY different than it would be at a festival or rave.  The club promoters specify what music they want the crowd to hear and the djs have to comply.  Progressive house mixed with bouts of trance is what moronic drunks typically like to grind to when hitting up their local douchebag gathering spot (nightclub).  Above & Beyond has transformed into merely club djs and I feel like they have neglected their roots in order to move forward with their careers.  I know they will get bigger and bigger and stray further away from the trio of djs I first started listening to when I was 16.  Sometimes people just bite the bullet to move onto bigger fame, more money, and better career.  I wish the best to Above & Beyond and the new direction they are taking their followers, but I find it very devastating that they have ended their trance legacy and have probably gained a whole new following of music novices.


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