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Artist Rant: Avicii

aviciiEverybody drop what you’re doing because Avicii has something to say about EDM.  First though, can we all take a moment and reminisce on every car, sport, and alcohol commercial we have heard the song “Levels” played in? Just let that sink in. Has it sunk in yet? Ok good, because Avicii thinks that EDM is becoming too corporate and its the producer’s responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen. Here’s what he had to say:


“It’s up to the artist to make sure EDM doesn’t become too corporate. Obviously, people will want to get involved when there is a chance to make a lot of money.”


Last time I checked, I’m pretty sure Avicii owned the rights to his own song “Levels” and at least had some say in who could use his song in their advertisements.  If you team up with Budweiser and decide to do a cameo in their commercial spinning on decks and playing your most popular song, I think that might disqualify you from talking shit about what’s too mainstream and what’s not, I’m just saying.  I’m not really sure why Avicii is as famous as he is, I would consider him just average talent, but he has really helped bring the underground into the mainstream.  If you’re featuring yourself on commercials for one of the biggest beer brands in America, I’m not sure how much of a right you have to talk about how artists are using EDM for profit.  America is like that uncle that we all have that has somehow avoided society for 20 years and has just discovered something like Facebook.  In America, we have just discovered EDM and corporations are going to use that appeal to attract customers and viewers.  Big companies are willing to pay big bucks to whatever DJ wants to represent them, and it is what it is.  It could be considered selling out or it could be considered a good business opportunity.  To some extent, I feel like us civilians can’t badmouth a DJ for taking an opportunity to make a ton of money, its their choice.  But for Avicii to turn around and pretend like he hasn’t contributed to EDM becoming “too corporate” is a bunch of bologna to me.  Stick to what you know Avicii, levels bro!

Want more information on Avicii’s “words of wisdom”? Check the article out right here:  Avicii’s search for Swede melodies


Artist Rant: Calvin Harris

So……. Calvin Harris is performing with Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Afrojack…… What the actual fuck is going on in this picture? I’m not really sure what to think about a whole bunch of Bieber and Pitbull fans attending an event with such huge names in EDM.  The cluster fuck of musical acts that seem to be thrown together for entertainment purposes is really beginning to throw me off. I guess I understand Calvin Harris was always pretty mainstream with his productions, making chart topping hits with the likes of Rihanna and Florence Welch.  I just never thought I’d see him headline a concert where there were beliebers present.  I guess there’s not much to say, “rave culture” has been dead for at least 4 years, it was only a matter of time before underground EDM and mainstream acts starting performing on the same stages.  I’m not sure what this means for Afrojack and Calvin Harris.  As far as I’m concerned, Afrojack started sucking major ass after his hit “Take Over Control” and gave a less than amazing performance at EDC Las Vegas.  He’s been dead to me for quite sometime.  It seems like mainstream music is beginning to take baby steps into what it thinks is the world of raving and EDM.  It is what it is, maybe EDM is just a big trend and it will delve back into the depths of the underground one day, but for now it looks like mainstream EDM is here to stay.  I love Calvin Harris to death and this doesn’t make him any less of an amazing dj and producer, I’m just confused as to what is going on with music culture in America….

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