Opinions and thoughts of an expert ranter and raver


Since the spring of 2006, Jessica Sonabend has been involved in the electronic music scene and has dedicated her life to raves, concerts, festivals, and shows. Her extreme passion and experience has driven her to begin writing her opinions and thoughts about what is going on with the electronic music scene today.  Somehow she managed to get it together and get her Bachelor’s degree in English, but has done nothing since graduating.  Currently she lives in the meth capital of Arizona and drinks her life away because of her shitty low-paying job.  When sober enough to be comprehensible, she chooses to run this blog as well as her horror movie blog http://www.goreworld.wordpress.com


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  1. Hi Jessica!

    I’m loving your posts on your blogs and the information and opinions you present about the rave and EDM scene. I actually am running a music festival blog and would love to touch base with you via email to ask you a few questions (kind of like a mini interview). Essentially, I’d probably curate your input into a post of my own my blog. I just started my blog for my journalism class at UW this Spring quarter but let me know if you’d feel comfortable with that and maybe you could feature my blog on yours too!


    • WOW, this is too exciting haha. I’ve been to plenty of music festivals over the past 7 years, I would love to help you with your interview and whatever other mindless ramblings I can present to you.

  2. to be completely honest with you, the only reason i made a twitter was because apparently that helps with the promotion of my blog?? I’m still a bit twitter-retarded but I will do my best to communicate with you through there

    • Haha, no worries at all! If it’s easier for you, my email is my full name at aol.com. Shoot me an email when you can within the next few days and we’ll communicate that way!

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