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Artist Review: Andrew Rayel

10295724_872821639400686_2979077679917421055_nWhat are the chances that I would write an Artist Spotlight on Andrew Rayel and then a few days later find out he is playing in a city near me?  It’s fate I’m telling you.  Considering this is the first time in over a year that I’ve seen a live EDM act (I’ve been living under a rock OK?), I was pretty much jumping out of my skin the second he took the stage.  I attended the event at Club Cubic in Macau, China; what an amazing venue and crowd I must say.  Everything he did was perfection and I found that his set was actually quite moving and emotional.  He paid homage to all the great trance tunes of this decade as well as some of the newer soon-to-be classics.  Every aspect of his set was so heartfelt that I was glued to my spot in the front row from the second he got on the decks to the second he got off. Being so young himself, I felt that he easily was able to connect with the crowd and share this experience with us rather than just pose as an entertainer.  He most definitely had a memorable set, and you would be out of your mind to miss him.  I loved that I felt like I was at a true trance show and didn’t have to listen to any of the mainstream BS I feel that I so often hear.  Even though he is still fairly new to the trance scene, I can already tell he is going to be a great staple and he’s on his way to becoming a trance legend.


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