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I can’t say that I have a long standing history with Norin & Rad, becauseNorin__Rad_PromoShot-1-1024x576 I really don’t, but on this particular night I was in the mood to see what this trouse duo could do on the decks.  I’m surprised to say, that it really wasn’t anything a nerd with a laptop couldn’t do.  Norin & Rad overall gave a very confusing and disappointing performance, completely lacking of any genre and personality, and was very unmemorable to say the least.  Seeing as they are really only getting started in their music career, I wasn’t expecting a big crowd.  It was nice to finally be in a nightclub where drunk morons weren’t spilling 70% of their drinks onto my clothing and I thought it would be a more intimate experience with a smaller crowd.  I was wrong.  Norin & Rad almost seemed like first time DJs, they had no experience with building any type of vibe in the crowd, and the songs they played seemed like a clusterfuck of monotony.  They seriously played the worst songs, and on top of that, skipped out on picking anything with vocals.  Their set was honestly so boring, that I left before their performance was over.  Rather than playing trance, trouse, progressive house, or even electro house, it really just felt like I was listening to boring transition music and there was really no point to their set.  A dj that has his shit together can tell a story in two hours through their set.  Norin & Rad just made me feel like I was listening to a hastily put together playlist of songs that could possibly bore you to death rather than a performance.  I wouldn’t recommend seeing them live.  They’re nothing special at all, didn’t build a vibe with the crowd, and definitely didn’t play any good music.  A bit disappointing for sure.  They’ve made a couple of good songs and remixes, but as DJs you can skip them and know that you didn’t miss anything truly legendary.


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