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Artis Review: JJ Flores

imagesIts been a while since I’ve seen a Chicago House DJ, so when I heard JJ Flores was going to be in Phoenix with no cover charge, I decided to cease the opportunity to break out of the trance and electro house rut I’ve been in. That, surprisingly, turned out to be a VERY bad choice.  JJ Flores was definitely one of the WORST djs I have seen in a while.  Literally he would be playing a song, have people dancing, and then trainwreck his set with some really horrible music and clear the dance floor.  That was honestly the basis of his set.  I can’t even express how unimpressed I was with his mixing skills, let alone his song selection.  He played generic club and radio music and proved that he was too lazy to even mix well.  There was absolutely no flow to his set, and it almost felt like I was listening to a mixtape or something where it was just song after song with no transition whatsoever.  Given the show was at probably the least popular night club in the Phoenix area, there were really only a handful (ok maybe 5) of people in attendance.  I’m assuming no one in the crowd was actually there for JJ Flores since he is still an underground DJ in my book.  As much as I wish I could at least point out one redeeming quality of his performance, I simply cannot.  Although Flores might not be on many of your radars, please choose to keep it that way and avoid seeing his performance at all costs.


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