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5. Tiesto- In the Dark

Does anybody remember when Tiesto wasn’t out there making electro house and instead making more trancey tracks?? Well this one falls in #5 for my list of most romantic tracks.  Although many people would say the lyrics are corny, I think it is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  My interpretation of the song is that its about two people at an EDM event dancing the night away together.  In my book, this is the most romantic way you can spend time with your significant other.  I love the lyrics because it perfectly depicts what its like to experience music with someone you love.  Its more than just a listening experience, its a completely emotional journey.

4. Angel One- Hold Me Tonight

This song is about being held in the arms of the person you love, which is an indescribable feeling.  There is nothing more romantic than being in your lovers arms and literally feeling your hearts connect, and thats what this song reminds you of.  Regardless of whether or not this person has already broken your heart, there is no feeling in the world like being with your loved one, despite all the hurt and heartache it might have caused in the past.  I love this song so much because its about forgiving the person that hurt you and continuing to let your love grow even if you’ve had a bumpy road in the past with this person.

3. 4 Strings- Take Me Away

I guess you could say that I’m one of those hopeless romantics that hopes prince charming finds her and comes sweeps her up off her feet, so obviously this song is extremely fitting for me.  The basis of this song, according to the lyrics, is just a woman calling for her lover to come take her away.  When you’re with someone you love and you have that special connection, being with them could be like being a million miles away from reality.  This song embodies that and is just so overwhelmingly romantic to me.  When a song says “forever you and me”, obviously my heart melts because I love that cheesy romantic stuff.

2. Dash Berlin- Til the Sky Falls Down

Everything Dash Berlin does makes me feel like I’m falling in love all over again, as a producer he just has the effect on me, so it was hard to pick out which song was most romantically appealing to me.  Even without the lyrics, this song gives me the butterflies and makes me feel like I’m just surrounded by love and good vibes.  This song is about someone reminiscing on a love lost.  I’m sure everyone can relate to this, as we’ve all had our hearts broken, and the lyrics just seem to linger within my head and my heart.  My favorite part of the song is obviously the chorus, “I’ll be waiting, til the sky falls down, til you come around, baby…..”.  I know exactly what its like to wait for the “love of your life” to come back for you, and to be willing to wait for that person because you love them so much.

1. Oceanlab- Satellite

I’m not sure how this song CAN’T take the number one place for everyone’s most romantic song list.  This song literally melts my heart with how beautiful it is.  The vocalist is spot on, the lyrics are spot on, and most importantly, this song is produced by Oceanlab! There is no way to go wrong with this track.  And besides, trance is practically the language of romance when it comes to EDM culture.  You can’t have a trance track that is not completely beautiful and literally moves you to your knees.


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  1. plz do u have more list of romantic trance songs

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