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Artist Review: Ferry Corsten

It saddens me to say that this is legit the first time I have seen Ferry Corsten live, and actually lived to tell the tale.  I’m sure there dj_ferry_corsten-1440x900have been other times, early on in my raving “career” that I have caught bits and pieces of his set, but I was never that big of a fan of him up until a few years ago.  Let me just say, I don’t care WHO you are, Ferry Corsten is a legend and I don’t think there are enough words in my vocabulary to describe how amazing his performance was at Axis Radius in Scottsdale.  Literally everyone gathered on the dance floor and nobody left.  For the first time in a long long time, I got to be a part of a crowd that did not leave until Corsten got off the decks, which was around 2:30 in the morning.  Corsten had the entire crowd wrapped around his finger and just absolutely dominated the dance floor.  I make it a point to tune into his weekly radio show, where I never actually know what I’m going to hear.  Sometimes his show is extremely electro, other times its trance, but either way, I always enjoy it.  When I arrived to his show here in Scottsdale, Arizona I was not expecting a super trancey set, but more of a combination of electro and trance, and praying for everything else except for trouse.  What I got was honestly the best performance of 2013 so far. I was lucky enough to be front row (as usual) and danced the night away with the biggest smile ever on my face.  Corsten chose some of the greatest trance classics out there, in combination with all his new stuff, in combination with some great electro.  Everything about his performance is almost indescribable; the music he played, his energy, his smile, his crowd interaction, the flow of his set, the vibe from the crowd.  There was absolutely no way this experience was anything less than perfect.  2013 has been pretty great so far with all the different artists I’ve gotten to see, but Corsten’s performance definitely wins my award for best performance this year (so far).  I can’t stress enough that every single person that is a fun of EDM NEEDS to see him live.  He is incredible and also incredibly friendly.  Please do yourself the favor and take yourself to see Ferry Corsten live the next time he is in your city!


Artis Review: JJ Flores

imagesIts been a while since I’ve seen a Chicago House DJ, so when I heard JJ Flores was going to be in Phoenix with no cover charge, I decided to cease the opportunity to break out of the trance and electro house rut I’ve been in. That, surprisingly, turned out to be a VERY bad choice.  JJ Flores was definitely one of the WORST djs I have seen in a while.  Literally he would be playing a song, have people dancing, and then trainwreck his set with some really horrible music and clear the dance floor.  That was honestly the basis of his set.  I can’t even express how unimpressed I was with his mixing skills, let alone his song selection.  He played generic club and radio music and proved that he was too lazy to even mix well.  There was absolutely no flow to his set, and it almost felt like I was listening to a mixtape or something where it was just song after song with no transition whatsoever.  Given the show was at probably the least popular night club in the Phoenix area, there were really only a handful (ok maybe 5) of people in attendance.  I’m assuming no one in the crowd was actually there for JJ Flores since he is still an underground DJ in my book.  As much as I wish I could at least point out one redeeming quality of his performance, I simply cannot.  Although Flores might not be on many of your radars, please choose to keep it that way and avoid seeing his performance at all costs.

Marcus Schossow – Helvete (Kevin Focus Remix)

Artist Review: Sander Van Doorn

Once again, I was forced to go to my least favorite night club to enjoy some more great talent that I’ve never gotten to see before: sander vSander Van Doorn.  Sander made a splash in the music soon in 2004 with his hit ‘Loaded’ and his since continued climbing the ladder to success in the EDM world.  Before going to his show, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had tuned into his podcasts before, and to be honest, I wasn’t really feeling it.  The music was a bit boring and it felt more like easy listening than something that truly made me want to get up and dance (which isn’t always a bad thing).  I got talked into going to his show, rather than going by my own free will (thats what friends are for, right?).  To be honest, I wasn’t completely blown away by his set, but it was still enjoyable.  If you are a Sander fan, I would definitely recommend going and seeing him! Even if you aren’t familiar with him but you like progressive house, I would say go check him out.  He spins trance and progressive house, and I appreciated the song selection in his set.  I find that when I go to shows where this is the genre of the DJ, it all has the same trousey sound and for the most part, its just a countdown of the current top 40 trouse hits.  I liked that Sander WASN’T trouse and was just really good and original progressive house.  He played a lot of his own tracks in all the right places and overall I liked the flow of his set.  I definitely don’t think Sander is for everybody, there’s wasn’t much electro in his set (which is currently trending in all DJ sets I’ve noticed), and that was actually a nice change of pace.  I think he has a very unique sound.  Going into his show, I knew what to expect and he met my expectations (but didn’t really succeed them).  I guess from the gist of this article, you can tell I’m not all to impressed with him, but keep in mind this review is from someone that would not consider herself a Sander fan, just an outsider taking a peep inside.  If he comes to your town, I would say go see him because he plays a unique set in comparison to all the other trance/ progressive house DJs out there, but if you miss him, I assure you you won’t be shedding any tears.

Valentine’s Day Special: My 5 favorite heart-melting EDM tracks


5. Tiesto- In the Dark

Does anybody remember when Tiesto wasn’t out there making electro house and instead making more trancey tracks?? Well this one falls in #5 for my list of most romantic tracks.  Although many people would say the lyrics are corny, I think it is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  My interpretation of the song is that its about two people at an EDM event dancing the night away together.  In my book, this is the most romantic way you can spend time with your significant other.  I love the lyrics because it perfectly depicts what its like to experience music with someone you love.  Its more than just a listening experience, its a completely emotional journey.

4. Angel One- Hold Me Tonight

This song is about being held in the arms of the person you love, which is an indescribable feeling.  There is nothing more romantic than being in your lovers arms and literally feeling your hearts connect, and thats what this song reminds you of.  Regardless of whether or not this person has already broken your heart, there is no feeling in the world like being with your loved one, despite all the hurt and heartache it might have caused in the past.  I love this song so much because its about forgiving the person that hurt you and continuing to let your love grow even if you’ve had a bumpy road in the past with this person.

3. 4 Strings- Take Me Away

I guess you could say that I’m one of those hopeless romantics that hopes prince charming finds her and comes sweeps her up off her feet, so obviously this song is extremely fitting for me.  The basis of this song, according to the lyrics, is just a woman calling for her lover to come take her away.  When you’re with someone you love and you have that special connection, being with them could be like being a million miles away from reality.  This song embodies that and is just so overwhelmingly romantic to me.  When a song says “forever you and me”, obviously my heart melts because I love that cheesy romantic stuff.

2. Dash Berlin- Til the Sky Falls Down

Everything Dash Berlin does makes me feel like I’m falling in love all over again, as a producer he just has the effect on me, so it was hard to pick out which song was most romantically appealing to me.  Even without the lyrics, this song gives me the butterflies and makes me feel like I’m just surrounded by love and good vibes.  This song is about someone reminiscing on a love lost.  I’m sure everyone can relate to this, as we’ve all had our hearts broken, and the lyrics just seem to linger within my head and my heart.  My favorite part of the song is obviously the chorus, “I’ll be waiting, til the sky falls down, til you come around, baby…..”.  I know exactly what its like to wait for the “love of your life” to come back for you, and to be willing to wait for that person because you love them so much.

1. Oceanlab- Satellite

I’m not sure how this song CAN’T take the number one place for everyone’s most romantic song list.  This song literally melts my heart with how beautiful it is.  The vocalist is spot on, the lyrics are spot on, and most importantly, this song is produced by Oceanlab! There is no way to go wrong with this track.  And besides, trance is practically the language of romance when it comes to EDM culture.  You can’t have a trance track that is not completely beautiful and literally moves you to your knees.

Artist Review: Z-Trip


Out of all the times I have seen Z-Trip live, this is the first time I have seen him on his own instead of at an EDM event.  Seeing as I z-tripam a total EDM junkie, I was hoping for some EDM in his set but not really expecting it.  Good thing I didn’t set my expectations for that, because what I got was a lot better.  At the beginning of Z-Trip’s set he said, “Whoever said hip-hop was dead, fuck you”.  And that basically sums up his performance.  He killed it with everything he brought to the table and even for a moment I couldn’t stop dancing.  I can’t even elaborate on how much Z-Trip is the shit.  One of the only white guys out there that I have witnessed successfully scratching and doing vinyl the right way.  If you want a real dj, this is your man.  Z-Trip is as real as it gets and for the life of me, I would never miss one of his live performances.  Just the way he mixes, I would have to say he is one of the best DJs out there.  Although he doesn’t have that many original productions, he can make you faint with what he does on turntables.  Throwing out classic after classic, wild card after wild card, you just don’t know what to expect when he’s on the decks.  He interacts with the crowd and looks like he’s having an awesome time.  On top of that, you don’t have to worry about everyone in the crowd being a total douche, because for the most part those are not the type of people he attracts.  I have been following him for years and have not missed him a single time he has been in my hometown.  He truly knows so much about music and how to wow a crowd that I can’t resist when I know he’s going to be spinning somewhere near me.  Like I said, he is not really an EDM dj, but there were bits of moombahton and dubstep tucked in there.  He’s all hip hop, he’s all old school, he’s all original, and he’s all about not giving a fuck about whats popular in music and instead does what he wants to do, which results in a huge smile on my face.  Seeing as everyone and their mama, and their mama’s cousin, and their mama’s cousin’s cousin are djs now-a-days, it is a breath of fresh air seeing someone murdering vinyls and scratching instead of using CDJs and laptops.  Z-trip is always down for his audience and I was so happy to get to see him again.  If you are really into turntablism, Z-Trip is a must-see.

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