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Artist Spotlight: EOTO

I decided to stray away from my raver roots in the artist review and instead venture into another type of electronic music: experimental.  eotoEOTO is a jam band (or at least thats what I like to call it) originating from Boulder, Colorado.  The band consists of Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  If you haven’t heard of Jason Hann, then you my friend, have probably been living under a rock, as he is one of the members of what I would consider one of the biggest jam bands ever, String Cheese Incident.  Whether or not EOTO is your cup of tea, from personal experience I can tell you that seeing a performance by them is like no other thing I have experienced.  At your typical EDM show you have your douchebag promoter bombarding you with fliers, half-naked 12-year olds in an absurd amount of beaded “kandie”, and of course you can not forget the juiced up bros fist pumping and simultaneously flaunting their 6-packs.  Can you imagine going to an EDM show where NONE of this exists?? Yeah, its called EOTO.  The crowd of people and the vibes they bring to their shows are out of this world to say the least.  They do attract a crowd that really does care about the music and its more of a feeling of unity rather than “epic raging” like most people do at raves.  There are a ton of people doing their own thing and I would have to say its one of the least judgmental crowds I’ve experienced in my concert-attending career (yes I would consider the extravagant amount of shows I’ve attended career-worthy seeing as I am a professional partier).  I would classify their music as easy listening and its something you can really take and listen to anywhere.   The peaceful and melodic sounds provide quite the safe haven for your ears and just make for a fantastic musical journey.  Below I have included a couple of my favorite songs by them:


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