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Artist Spotlight: KhoMha

Although Khomha hasn’t exactly made a huge splash in the trance scene, he has made a splash in the pool that is my heartkhomha (so corny I know, just kill me now).  As a trance producer, he is one of my new favorites and I LOVE his unique original productions.  When you think of trance (or at least when I do), I imagine something melodic and beautiful that just makes me feel at peace.  Khomha’s music does all this, but so much more seeing as it is DARK TRANCE (that’s what I like to call it).  He doesn’t make your typical, happy, lovey dovey trance tracks.  He has a dark sound and puts a new spin on the genre.  For all the trance lovers out there, this is definitely a new type of trance experience.  I feel like his beats and melodies are so addictive that his tracks literally suck you in.  2012 was definitely his year, he came out with amazing releases and I would love to see him during a DJ set.  The thing that I like about his music is that even though I feel it puts you in a trance, as trance music is supposed to do, its not your typical trance listening experience.  Its not necessarily upbeat, its kind of techy actually, but it still sends the same vibes.  On top of that, it also makes you really want to dance! No vocals, just straight tunes for Khomha. I’ve selected my top 3 favorite tracks from him over this past year. Enjoy and I hope you begin loving him as much as I do, welcome to the dark side of trance!


Comments on: "Artist Spotlight: KhoMha" (2)

  1. Hot 1000 Forever said:

    That Dusk Riddles is epic.

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