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Rant: Trouse

1302274944_1this-is-trouse“Trouse”, the newest trend in EDM since dubstep is beginning to take over many of my favorite DJs, and I’m not happy.  It started with Tiesto, progressed to Above & Beyond, Arty, Gareth Emery, and Marcus Schossow, and now has claimed a new victim: Tritonal.    Each of these DJs started with strong roots in trance.  However, because of the rising popularity of EDM and the transition into mainstream, a lot of artists are beginning to make their sounds more mainstream to appeal to bigger audiences.  Many of my favorites, I’ve noticed, have changed their sounds and are beginning to sound more alike instead of maintaining the individuality that made me fall in love with them in the first place.  “Trouse”, if you haven’t figured out the meaning of the word, is a combination of the words “trance” and “house”.  To me, trouse sounds more like a progressive house set with bits and pieces of electro and trance, which is not what I want to hear when I see my favorite trance producers.  As of late, I feel there are not many true trance acts out there, as many of them are following the new trend and abandoning their old sounds.  As much as I don’t want to say it, I feel like Dash Berlin is next.  I’m not sure who else will be hopping on the “trend train”, but I have a feeling many trance producers are going to begin selling out.  I began losing my faith in trance culture when Above & Beyond made the transition; if Armin or Markus ever go trouse, I am giving up faith in humanity.


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  1. I’m not really a fan of trouse either! Its either one or the other

    • I’m not gonna say I hate trouse because I don’t, its OK in my book. But when my favorite trance acts move toward this new genre, it feels like a waste of money to see them live anymore when I know they won’t be playing a trance set. So sad…

  2. look up Diverted Music in here https://www.facebook.com/divertedmusic?fref=ts
    those producers make fantastic quality of trance ^_^

  3. We’re still making solid epic and hard trance at Drizzly and EML Recordings… I still make 138-142 bpm epic & hard trance specifically geared toward the open air party type scene myself (sparse though it is, up here in Washington state). But it’s a small market for high energy trance geared towards hikers and mountaineers 😛

  4. to be fair armin and schulz boarded the same train years before this article was written. However the article it self stands true

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