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2006In 2006, the AZ rave scene was pretty poppin, and I have the evidence to prove it (see picture on right of me in the front row, yes that is me at 16).  Fast forward 6 years and the rave scene sucks more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  The scene went from being underground and personal, to basically a corporate money-making machine.  Thanks to complete morons such as Relentless Beats, Insomniac Events, and Steve Levine Entertainment, the rave scene is nothing more than a bunch of college douchebags and a bunch of middle school/ high school druggies looking for a place to not only party, but partake in highly embarrassing behavior including asking everyone within 5 foot distance if they would like a back massage or letting fellow partygoers know how hard they are rolling.  Thank you so much AZ production companies for really looking out for the best interest of the rave scene here.  Over the past year, I haven’t attended an event that has gone on PAST midnight.  This is complete bullshit, and for that, somebody needs to immediately destroy the offices that belong to said production companies.  Back in the day, when raves were still illegal, most of them weren’t even starting til 11 and ending until 5 or 6, sometimes even 7 in the morning.  Now that the production companies have taken “raves” into their own hands, raves end at midnight sharp so that the event is legally an all-ages event.  Obviously the promoters don’t give a fuck about the absurd amount of rolling 12 years grinding on each other in nothing but underwear, but rather how much money they make and how many people they are able to rake into their event.

Recently on the popular social media site, Facebook, I saw a rather well-known promoter posting pictures of himself flyering what looked like the ASU campus.  No offense idiot, but if you don’t know what raves are, you have no right promoting it to the idiots that destroyed our scene.  When I first started going to raves, it was all about the underground, and the vibes; it was about leaving your identity at home and partying til the wee hours of the morning with people that only knew your raver alter-ego and would probably never see you while the sun was actually out.  Many of these idiot promoters have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the rave scene has grown rapidly so they can rake in the dough.  Everywhere you go there are flyers, whether you are at a smoke shop, tattoo shop, or even college campus.  The promoters do not legitimately give a fuck about who comes to these events, they just want it to be big.  Gone are the days of vibes and “PLUR” and whatever other raver bullshit I used to tell myself when I was in high school.  Now its just a big money making scam where the promoters truly don’t give a shit about what a rave is.  A rave ends at whatever time the djs decide they want to go home, and should consist of people that know people that know people that know people, not just end at a certain time because of contract or consist of everyone and their mama because the promoters are trying to attract a big crowd.

azravesceneIts obvious no one gives a fuck about who comes to raves or about what vibes are present, just as long as the promoters are making money they are happy.  They know nothing about the culture, and are using the new EDM trend to profit.  For me personally, my culture has been taken away from me and I am forced to hang out with possibly the whole meth-using population of Arizona.  The promoters here are bringing out really good talent, and for that I commend them.  But seriously, if you know nothing about how raves used to be, stay the fuck away from promoting; if you’re money-hungry I heard drug-dealing and stripping are pretty profitable professions, but for the love of God, STAY AWAY FROM THE RAVE SCENE.


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  1. It seems to be a universal and international point of truth that the ‘old days’ will always be the best! The good news is everything works in cycles and they WILL come around again, I just don’t know when, great blog by the way.

  2. Glad somebody thinks this blog is great 🙂 Are you an old school raver as well? I feel like by the time the rave scene goes back underground I will be too old to be attending such events, oh sad day 😦

  3. azraves.com – doing what we can to help the scene get back to the good days.

  4. You guys are soooooooooo gay haha that rave looks lame for all the smack you are takling and back rubs are not a bad thing…

  5. Bad Form . Its not like this just in AZ its everywhere. Everything has been commercialized and you expect Arizona to stay the same? Man the days of the underground are lost, at least in most genres. You still are considered a baby raver , and technically don’t know what the Old school is like , so for this I don’t understand your rant. So what your saying is EDC, and Nocturnal should stay the same size? The scene shouldn’t flourish? Yes some people don’t know the roots but c’mon man in 2006 you didn’t know the roots. The roots were 15 years before you. Now while you may think you have some sense of entitlement to yourself after 7 whole years of raving then so be it. But Relentless beats are not morons, they actually are a business and these days business need to flourish. So why are they morons? Because they bring talent that people want to see? . Don’t like it don’t go. I think it’s funny you thanked Relentless beats for a Ticket, then call them Morons. Call me when you know what the real Roots/ Underground was like Not an upswing of the scene in 2006.

  6. nothanks said:

    You’re 23 and you’re the “Old School” raver? I was 16 in 1996. a full decade before your time. I could very easily post about how you missed the good old days too. But, that’s what happens, everything is good when we do it, then the new generation comes along and “ruins it.” Luckily, that is all in our head.

  7. Wow…. I like how they blame the company thats been here since 2000, crawling its way to the top by bringing every half known electronic DJ in the world (even the ones that bring few people but play REAL music). Its funny this person singles out AZ as if the rest of the “rave” scene in the country is any different. The fact is raves are illegal!! That is why we throw organized music events/festivals etc.. You see, the government cld give 2 shits abt the drugged up kids (which by the way have been here since 2000). They want their MONEY. Illegal raves are nothing but buckets of untaxed profit that the IRS and state tax officials want a part of. The author is probably another one of the “raves shld be free” people… Guess what, it costs a lot of money to throw a sanctioned event. More then u cld ever imagine (obvious with your narrow views. I mean did you really go to raves in 06?? Maybe you were just too F-D up in your cuddle puddles to remember the 15 yr olds rolling face all around you. We actually make our events 18&up so your comment makes no sense what so ever. If the city let us stay open till 7am we wld… But they DONT, how is that our fault? The fact that your insinuating the rave culture in 06 wasn’t a bunch of lil kids running around rolling nuts makes me think you were either to jacked yourself to remember or you weren’t really there. You act like it the companies decisions what time the events end… Its not. What really gets to me is you call out the company who has single handedly put AZ on the Electronic map, which for a long time was a complete joke. Many artists wld never consider playing here because we had no scene. Now we can book whomever we like because they know we have a scene. Speaking of which, we did NOT create this. The commercialization of EDM has ruined what you call PLUR life and its happened all over the country. You singling out AZ just shows you don’t travel much. I too agree the scene has become more fluff and flash.. That is MTV’s fault not ours.. This whole post is just a bitter person looking for people to blame…

  8. Your Mom said:

    Although I agree with you on all points, you can hardly consider yourself an “old school” raver. The old school ravers were the kids that started partying in the early to mid 90’s that were still partying/throwing parties in 2006. We were the generation that built the scene that you knew and loved.
    It’s a shame that these big name companies have stepped in and demoralized our precious scene. These new “ragers” don’t give two shits about the music or the founding roots of the EDM community, they only care about wearing as little clothing as possible, hooking up and finding the next big name designer drug. It’s really disheartening. 😦

  9. I raved with you, Mr. Jessica, in fact this picture also includes Rollie Pollie (Matt) who is the guy right next to you. I was 18 when i started raving back in 2006 in Arizona, and I remember looking at you kids and going “uggh, what a bunch of little bitches, they should stay out of our scene”.

    Everyone plays jaded raver at some point, but let’s be honest, anyone that sticks around the underground scene 8 years is just grasping at social straws. Grow up and go the route of Night Clubs like the rest of us 21+, and stop bitching about children populating illegal parties. That’s their scene.

  10. Unfortunately, I was done throwing raves in the AZ scene long before 2006 so you probably never attended one of my events. There has ALWAYS been space in the Phoenix scene for all of it. There is a need for desert parties, free parties, house parties, club nights, monthlies, and even massives. You take a shot at Insomniac, but they were revolutionizing West Coast massives when you were still in diapers. What have you done to create your PLUR world? If you think it was poppin’ off in 2006, you should have seen 1994. Even back in 1994, not everyone threw parties for the love of the beat. Most of us put a lot of time and money into throwing these events and recouping expenses requires that you treat it like a business. Promoters have to pay taxes to the fucking gov’t too.

    The scene has always been comprised of young adults and teenagers; you started off as one of those starry-eyed teenagers. In fact, it’s those teenagers that are now adults and are throwing events. I’ve been to several parties this year and none ended before 2am. In fact, I was at Bubble Bobble last week until almost 230. I’m sorry to hear that your luck with that hasn’t been so good. Understand that there are factors way out of a promoter’s control. Some of those factors are venue, fire marshal, police, and medical emergencies at the event.

    What do you know about throwing events that puts you in any position to call these promoters idiots? If you have such a brilliant plan for the scene then start a company, throw your parties and we’ll see how long you last if you don’t think of it as a business. How many people will share your vision and support your parties? When you need 1000 heads thru the door to break even, you become a bit more liberal about who you invite. If you want a private party where you dictate who should be invited, throw one with your catty girlfriends. Bitch and moan, but until you put your money where your mouth is…

    You want promoters to drop $10,000 for your favorite dj to come play in AZ, but do you ever stop to consider what it takes to then make that $10,000 back? Plus venue, insurance, security, sound, lights, staff, and incidentals?

    For someone who has never thrown an event, you sure are quick to make judgements. You assume that you were part of the heyday of rave. Unfortunately, according to many of us, you were part of the downfall that you are bitching about. It’s the ungrateful “kids” like you that don’t want to do anything about making the scene better; you just enjoy hearing your self-righteous ass bitch. Your sense of entitlement is mind-boggling. Sorry to break it to you, but the decline of the AZ scene happened long before you were disappointed in it. You are part of the long, slow death of rave culture.

  11. Moderated comments… Let’s see if a dissenting opinion will be censored or received with an open mind.

    • Nah I’m not close-minded, I wouldn’t block a comment because of your opinion. Reality of the situation is I wrote this article two years ago and I don’t even live in America any more. I could care less what anyone has to say about my opinion and personal thoughts. If people are reading what I write and having so much feedback, apparently I’m doing something right.

  12. 1. you seem to be very good at bitching but really bad at doing. you do not make nor create Nor produce anything. you attend and have fun which is our goal. you have no money invested nor do you give advice on whom to bring or what you want to watch. But you are exceptional at bitching.
    2. Bubble Bobble ended at 3 a.m.2 weeks ago
    3. raving is not age specific. I got older and the music I like did not change. Instead of going out to the desert I wanted to go to a legal venue that serves alcohol and has a great sound system. Not some place that said it was legal but really we had no idea, or the police might show up in the middle, or a thunderstorm might knock out the power. I wanted to see music with the same people and the vibe is awesome because of that. I don’t have to go to a desert rave to have fun.
    4. this post was entirely not PLUR at alln

  13. what arties is this girl going to? Bubble bobble last weekend ran till 3, DJs From Mars wasnt even on till 11 then Lady Faith was 12. most headliners come on at midnight.

    and i love “corporate” without them we wouldnt have headliners like Figure, Borgore, DJs From Mars, David Guetta. please keep them coming i love being able to go to an event and not worry about it getting shut down before the headliners come on and not worry about getting popped for drinking around under age kids and what not. 😀

    sounds to me like youre either underage, hanging with the wrong crowd or just no fun. :p

  14. That’s how I felt in 2001. Everything moved to the nile, the vortex shutdown, I hated the Nile so bad. Went to first party in fall of 1995 “joy” goodtimes. There were some sick parties between 95 and 00. But it’s the people’s intentions that adds to a good party. Peace

  15. The AZ scene has been awful since before 99% of the current ravers have been in it (myself included). When I was in the habit of interviewing talent and other promoters for Arizonadancemagazine (as well as talking to friends who have been out of the rave scene for 10+ years), I heard so many stories of AZ kids going out into the Desert (waayyyyy out, not a half hour drive to these constantly broken up desert parties) in the 90s and early 00s and party all weekend. Free parties, no big names. Just DJs who knew how to mix, play great music and about 2-400 people who donated a small amount just to help pay for gas for the generator. That’s how the rave scene should be. Its been all about money waaayyy longer than people care to admit and I haven’t set foot in it as a partier for years for that fact. I’ll spin because a gig is a gig, but its not the way it should be. The promoters are embarrassing and if they think how it is today is really how raving should be, they should be embarrassed themselves.

  16. Bree (queenbee) said:

    Love and miss you girl, Unity was a sweet party! haha

  17. Over 20 years deep said:

    Haha, Oldschool raver? hilarious. From 2006?? Straight comedy.

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