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As horrible as I feel saying this, I was hoping TATW would end before I began completely resenting Above & Beyond for their new mainstream sounds that they have been playing to their newer mainstream audience.  I have followed Above & Beyond for the past 6 years and can honestly say they are amongst my favorite trance producers.  Their original productions have brought up emotions and feelings in me that are unexplainable and have impacted my life more than I can really fathom.  Their music touches the most inner depths of my soul and I can’t say that about anything else I have ever experienced.  On an average day, I probably spend around 2-3 hours listening to trance.  To some people this is a lot, to some people this is barely any, but I know good trance when I hear it.  The past few months, I can’t identify an exact date, I have felt let down and dissatisfied with what has become of TATW.  I hear progressive and I hear house. What happened to true trance? What has happened to the electronic music scene that has made all these trance djs switch their beautiful sets into progressive and electro combos?  After taking a journey back to my roots and listening to the album “Tristate” on repeat, I questioned what had made Above & Beyond change their style of music.  During their sets they only play their club mixes and seem to be catering to a new audience that doesn’t understand the roots of trance.  I’ve been disappointed with their podcasts and even a bit heartbroken.  The last time I listened to TATW, they played 3 different Deadmau5 tracks on their show, and thats when I realized they were no longer the trance djs I had once listened to.  As sad as I am that TATW will longer fill my ears during the week, I’m even more sad that they have abandoned the sounds that first captured my heart.  What is happening with all the trance in the world?


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