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Artist Review: Adrian Lux

Adrian-Lux-Album_-960x405-700x405For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I didn’t spend the majority of my night thinking about the various ways in which I could kill every asshole spilling drinks while simultaneously grinding on me.  For the first time in my life, Scottsdale’s Wild Knight didn’t piss me off, and instead showed me a hell of a good time with Adrian Lux rocking the decks.  Due to some promotion or other, me and 5 other friends got our hands on some free tickets.  Adrian Lux was simply amazing and I am so glad I got the opportunity to see him for a second time.  Seeing as he is progressive house, I was glad to see that he stuck to what he knows best and played a very beautiful and well put-together progressive house set.  The thing about progressive though, is that its so popular that I felt like there wasn’t very much originality to his set, seeing as I knew every song he was playing and they were considered “top 40” in the EDM world.  I can’t talk shit about progressive house, because I love the genre and I truly did love every song he played.  My issue with him was that I felt like I was listening to a radio show, meaning he only played whats popular now and I didn’t really see a connection between him and the music.  Obviously he was enthusiastic and sent off great vibes to the already awesome crowd, but I didn’t feel like he was playing from his heart.  When djs get up there and play whatever the hell they want regardless of whether its one day old or 10 years old, I like to see them not following the “guidelines” of live sets and only playing whats popular, and thats exactly what Lux did.  I didn’t hear any old school tracks and for the most part I didn’t hear any tracks that I didn’t recognize.  He completely catered to the crowd, which isn’t a bad thing, but I didn’t feel like I got a grasp of his personality or who he is through his set.  I feel like with the best djs, they can show who they are through their selection of music throughout a set. But with Adrian Lux, it was a very generic progressive house set and I’m walking away still being unable to distinguish him from any other progressive house dj.  I would definitely see him again because I love progressive house, but anything more than $10 for a ticket wouldn’t be worth it to me seeing as he didn’t prove himself to me as a “one-of-a-kind” dj that I’m willing to pay big bucks for.


John Dahlback – Panic

The beautiful Katherine Loh decided to interview and here was what she had to say

"Raving" about America's Music Festival Scene

Jessica Sonabend, the writer behind “The Ranting Raver” blog publication is currently 23, yet has been attending raves since since she was 16 years old. I thought profiling her involvement within the rave and EDM culture was a great way to get a glimpse of her experience as well as her thoughts on its mainstream appeal.

Sonabend has attributed the growth of the rave scene to many promoters’ work and efforts. These include flyers and social media promotion. In addition, many of her favorite DJs have also gained attention on their own.

“Swedish House Mafia…Steve Angello, Sebastien Ingrosso, and Axwell…those are extremely old-school producers,” Sonabend said. “The fact that they came together in this group and blew America out of the water…people started seeing who they were.”

She states that it is a big deal considering none of these DJs are from the United States. In fact, many…

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Marcus Schossow – Helvete

Artist Spotlight: John O’Callaghan

Driving to work today, I decided to tune into John O’Callaghan’s podcast “Subculture Radio”.  I’m not a first timer to his show.  In fact, I have been an avid listener for quite sometime and John O’Callaghan fan since I first heard him featured on Armin’s album, A State of Trance 2005.  I guess you could say we have some history.  Anyways, my only source of music nowadays are podcasts, all day everyday.  While listening to Subculture Radio today, I realized John O’Callaghan truly doesn’t give a fuck.  “WHAT?”, you may be asking. Let me elaborate.  I subscribe to probably about 15 different weekly podcasts that are trance and I can definitely grasp what trends are going on, what is popular, and what is out of the loop. Sometimes I hear the same songs over and over again and sometimes the podcasts all seem to sound the same.  However, O’Callaghan’s podcast always has its own sound and like I said, its because he literally does not give a fuck.  I really was getting into what he was throwing down, and just thinking about the fact that half of the tracks on there I had never even heard before.  It was then that I realized that he hasn’t yet hopped on the “trend train” that I feel EVERY dj has hopped on.  He doesn’t play whats popular, he plays what he likes, and ultimately, what I like.

Techno is extremely out of the loop.  I feel like nowadays its either trance, dubstep, or house; techno is an abandoned genre that you don’t really hear much of.  John O’Callaghan don’t give a fuck, if he wants to play techno he’ll play techno.  If he wants to mix some trance in there, he will mix some trance in there.  What I love most about him is that fact that time and culture have not really changed his sound. He moves to the beat of his own drum and is a dj that truly doesn’t sound just like everybody else.  I’m not sure how many people are old school ravers, meaning they started going to raves BEFORE 2005, but techno was extremely huge.  The music wasn’t like it is today.  I feel like John O’Callaghan brings me back to my high school years dancing in abandoned warehouses til the sun came up.  He knows what he’s doing and he won’t let the ever-changing EDM culture determine how he plays his sets.  I love his sound because its techno and he’s not changing for anybody.  I feel like his music is timeless and original, and for that John O’Callaghan, I salute you.

7 Skies- Expanded

Ørjan Nilsen – Copperfield

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